The Upstate's Worst Website

2014 Edition

An Engenius opportunity

Engenius is looking for the worst website in the Upstate of South Carolina.

What makes it the worst? Good question. There are a few tell-tale signs:

This site is out there. You've probably been to it recently, and it made you cringe. How could this company be so behind the times?

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Well, we might just be able to help them out. We're going to crown the worst website in the Upstate... and give the owner a brand new one.

UPDATE: Finalists have been selected. Choose your favorite below!

The Finalists:

Outman Cigars

Outman Cigars

AAA Fencecrafters

AAA Fencecrafters

You can vote once per email address per day. Don't forget to vote again tomorrow!

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Voting takes place between July 25 and August 8. Business websites have been nominated, agree to be entered into the Upstate's Worst Website competition, and have been chosen as finalists by our expert panel. Winning is simple; the finalist with the most votes at the end of the voting period will be crowned 2014's Worst Website in Upstate S.C.

About Engenius

Engenius is a specialty web agency in Greenville, SC dedicated to great websites and measurable results for growing businesses.

We put on the Upstate's Worst Website competition yearly to get Upstate business owners to think critically about whether their website is positively or negatively affecting their business. We also support local nonprofits through yearly grants, and pride ourselves on quality and effectiveness.

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